Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amazing Red Cabbage Salad

The other day, I went out to lunch with a friend at a French cafe. They have an assortment of salads (red cabbage, celery, carrot, potato...) in a big display case. The serve the salads on a bed of greens with a few croutons on the side. I ordered the red cabbage salad, and it was honestly the best salad I have ever eaten. The cabbage was lightly dressed, and I could detect just a hint of sweetness. There was a perfect blend of oil and acidity. The salad was served with dressing on the side, but I truly didn't need it as I mixed my cabbage with the greens.

I would love to recreate this salad at home. I think the key may be to let the red cabbage marinate long enough. Plus, I somehow need to recreate the hint of sweetness. I was tempted to ask the person working behind the counter for the recipe (or at least approximate ingredients), but I was too shy. But I'm thinking of going back and asking...

Questions: Do you ever ask for a recipe/detailed ingredients when you like a dish at a restaurant? If you have asked before, what was your experience like? Did the restaurant share their recipe? Did they look at you funny? Do you think I should go back and ask for the recipe?

Be well,