Sunday, July 19, 2009

Enjoying Nature

We have taken the toddler a lot to the Nature/Garden Theme Park. It's the ideal place for young children. There are rides, but they are smaller, quieter rides. And, the park is truly set in nature; it is surrounded by trees and nature, and inside the park there are countless trees & flowers. There are also learning sheds where kids (and adults) can learn about anything from butterflies to bees to plants native to the area.

The park opened when the teenager was 10 or 11, which was almost too old to truly enjoy the park as the rides are mainly for little kids and there just isn't that much excitement. But we still enjoyed several visits with him, and he enjoyed the natural setting of the park. When the toddler was born, I was soooo excited to be able to go back to the Nature/Garden Theme Park because really it's all about what I like... :o)

Here are some pictures from one of our recent visits where we were able to enjoy nature:

And here is the toddler, enjoying nature! :o)
Question: How have you enjoyed nature lately?

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  1. I love long hikes in nature! :)

  2. Great pictures! Those flowers are so colorful and pretty, they put me in a good mood :) I enjoyed nature over my vacation, as my family and I went kayaking in Florida. We kayaked through some areas near the Gulf and we saw many animals; snakes, raccoons, lizards, fish, dolphins (later on in our trip), and blue cranes!

  3. LOVE the pictures! Very, very pretty - especially the flowers. :) I haven't enjoyed nature lately - or ever really. I'm very allergic to grass/trees/etc. and have a hard time even being in the backyard sometimes! :(

  4. how gorgeous! i love being surrounded by gorgeous nature....

  5. Wow, that's some amazing scenery right there! I've been doing a lot of outdoor activities, even if it's just long walks, bike rides, or hikes. I had an epiphany the other day that while I don't *like* where I live, it is quite beautiful at times and nature is awesome.

  6. Anonymous7/19/2009

    What a beautiful place! And he is adorable!

  7. Anonymous7/19/2009

    oh, what a sweet little kid! I never appreciated nature when I was young...The world revolved around ME and I never stopped to appreciate anything else!

  8. we have enjoyed Mother Nature mainly at the crack of dawn when its still semidark but also still semicool.

    love the toddler picture!!

  9. i LOVE flower pictures! they make me so happy - along with cute pics of lil' punkins too :)

    yay for no cable TV - honestly, i used to be obsessed with TV and now, I rarely watch it (minus a couple key shows) and am so much happier. good for you!

  10. that pink flower is so pretty!

  11. Wow, I wish they had a park like that in my area!
    I've been managing to enjoy nature in my daily walks, working in the garden and hikes on the weekends.

  12. Such beautiful flowers. The toddler is the cutest though!!

    I've just been trying to get outside and walk and bike as much as possible. It's been an awesome summer!!

  13. Anonymous7/24/2009

    Hey there ! Beautiful photos : ) I live in NYC and I miss greenery/flowers! I love New York but it's also great to get away and reload and enjoy nature.

    My parents are from Southampton so I love going out there and going to the beach! I'm so lucky to have grown up in such a gorgeous town.

    Health and Happiness,
    Jocelyn (I just started blogging check mine out!!)