Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekly Meals (May 26 - May 29)

Well, I have been getting a bit bored with my meals lately, so I thought I'd try some new recipes/ideas that I have seen on some blogs and in some cookbooks lately. So, here are my "new" meals for the week. (I have made similar dishes in the past, but it's been a while....) As always, the items in green are from the Farmers' Market.

Tuesday: Lemon-pepper tuna with red onion and fennel. This recipe is from Shannon at The Daily Balance. I have been looking for new fish recipes and this sounds delicious, or delish as Shannon would say... :o) Plus, it sounds easy and quick! I also can't remember when I used fennel last.
Wednesday: Taco Salad, inspired by a post I saw on Angie's Appetite for Life blog. I'll be using the spinach, salad greens, tomatoes, red onions, avocados & lemons from the Farmers' Market.
Thursday: Pasta with peanut sauce with carrots, cucumbers, & green onions.
Friday: Lentil Salad with tomato & lemon juice. It so happens that for the past few weeks we have had a salad as our main dish on Fridays. I think I have found a new tradition: "Salad Fridays." Okay, to be honest, we usually have some delicious freshly baked bread and cheese (purchased earlier that day at a Farmers' Market) with the salads... Maybe that's why "Salad Fridays" are so popular around here... :o)

Okay, your turn! Do you have any interesting meals planned? I can always use some inspiration... :o)

Be well,

P.S.: The BSI (Blogger's Secret Ingredient) this week is corn, and Sophia at Burp and Slurp is hosting the challenge. I love corn, but I don't know if I'll come up with an exciting enough recipe to submit... Anyway, check out her blog for more info!