Friday, May 15, 2009

"French" Salad Pictures

Sophia from Burp and Slurp asked for pictures of my "French" salad, so I actually remembered to take some pictures today before we attacked the food! :o) Sophia posts the most amazing food pictures on her blog; I can in no way compete. But I did my best... :o)

Oh, and I can swear I bought edamame, but somehow they have disappeared. If it had been any other food item, I would blame the teenager. But I really don't think he ate the edamame by themselves. And I don't think he used them to cook something either. Anyhow, the salad was just fine without the edamame. The beans and potatoes were quite al dente, a bit too al dente for hubby I think. But he tried not to complain... :o)

Here is the bowl of salad. I made a lot, so there are plenty of leftovers for tomorrow:

My plate with the poached egg on top:

And my favorite part: the egg running over the salad. It tastes better than it looks! :o)

Be well,


  1. Anonymous5/16/2009

    oh, andrea, you modest little thing, you! your pics are fabuLOUS! know why? they've got me DROOLING esp with the bleeding yolk! YUM!

  2. Love the colors!

  3. To make it even more "french" you need to add some seared tuna!!! :)