Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breakfast Update

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my recent difficulties with eating breakfast consistently. I decided then to be more conscious and leave some reminders near the coffee pot so that I wouldn't "forget" to eat breakfast. Well, let me tell you, it worked! I have eaten breakfast every single day since my last post! Yup, I'm very proud of myself! :o)

I also purchased some fruit and nut bars to keep in my purse. I don't think they are necessarily breakfast bars, but I liked that they seem to be truly natural (judging by the ingredients listed). And I figure eating a natural bar with some carbs, quite a bit of protein, and a bit of fat isn't a bad way to start the day. I have only eaten one bar so far on my way to work; the other mornings I ate something at home.

Is there something health-related that you tend to "forget" to do? If so, what do you do to remind yourself to do whatever you are "forgetting" to do?

Be well (and remember to eat your breakfast :o)),