Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekly Meals

Okay, I think planning meals around the items I purchased at the Farmers' Market is actually fun! So here it goes. The items in green are from the Farmers' Market.

Curry with chicken, onions, carrots & potatoes - I am cheating a bit here as I'll be using a store bought curry sauce in a jar. We'll have rice with the curry and a salad on the side.

Quesadillas with fresh salsa

Whole wheat pasta with sauteed veggies & tomato sauce. I'll saute some garlic, onions, mushrooms and carrots in some olive oil and add about half a jar of store bought tomato sauce. Yes, I know, I am cheating again with the store bought sauce... We'll have a salad with some sliced radishes to go with the pasta.

Italian sausages, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, & garlic sauteed in a pan with olive oil. On the side we'll have a salad. I'll add some tomatoes if there are any left by then... :)