Monday, April 20, 2009

Shopping at the Farmers' Market

Well, we did make our weekly trip to the Farmers' Market yesterday. Unfortunately, we were quite disappointed because our favorite bread guy wasn't there.... :(( He has THE best bread!!! He has an amazing sourdough baguette, an awesome sweet baguette, a slightly sweet brioche (the toddler can't get enough of it!), a fabulous walnut wheat bread, another fabulous wheat bread with olives. And when we feel like spoiling ourselves we get his garlic cheese bread. It's just everything garlic cheese bread should be... Anyway, we were out of luck, and somehow his absence affected our entire shopping experience. We somehow didn't buy as much and didn't stay around as long because we knew we had to make it somewhere else to get some bread! But, we got some great stuff anyway...

First we had to get the toddler's strawberries. They are organic and really good.

Then I got some potatoes. I think I'll use some of them in a chicken curry dish and the rest in a sausage, bell pepper, onion dish.

I got some radishes. I LOVE radishes. I like adding them to salads or simply slicing them and putting them on some bread with butter and just a tiny bit of salt. Soooo good!

I also got some tomatoes from my favorite stand. They are really flavorful even right now. I can't wait to eat them. I like to spread some ripe avocado on a slice of bread and top it with sliced tomatoes and a tiny bit of salt and pepper.

At the stand that has the awesome tomatoes, we also got some fresh salsa. It's great!

I got some carrots which I'll use in the potato, chicken curry dish.

Well, and since the bread guy wasn't there we had to get some sweet stuff somewhere else... Hubby always wants to get some toffee, so we finally did. And there was a new stand with amazing sweet potato and bean pies. The samples tasted amazing - really flavorful but not too sweet. We got a mini pie of each. I think the picture may be a bit misleading. They are tiny, honest!