Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can Good Childcare at the Gym Motivate You to Work Out?

The other day I overheard a mom as she was dropping off her child at the gym's child care center. She said: "I have never worked out as consistently in my life. I just HAVE to drop of my son every day to get a minute to myself. I am finally in the shape I want to be AFTER having a kid. I thought I would never get there."

While I have missed workouts since Korey was born due to sickness (his and mine), missed naps, etc., knowing that he enjoys himself and gets rid of some of his energy is a great motivator to work out! When we work out, all of us just have a better day. He is tired and takes a nap without fuss, and I feel good and can handle the afternoon meltdown (if one happens) a lot better. It's truly a great motivator to work out as much as possible!

Thank you gym child care!

Be well,